Laser hair removal 1 CENT SALE

Laser hair removal sale sligo

Laser 1 cent SALE is back!

Get hair free by summer with our laser hair removal 1 cent sale! We use medical grade laser to make sure you get the quickest and most effective results.

How it works:

You can get hair removed anywhere with laser, such as lip, chin, back, chest and upper leg, however the most popular areas are the lower leg, underarm and bikini!

With our 1 cent laser hair removal sale we will laser the second area of your choice for just 1 cent!  Thats a huge saving!  For example, if you want to get laser for your lower leg and underarm, we will charge you normal price for one of these treatments and the second treatment will only cost you 1 cent!!

Medically approved laser hair removal sligoWhy get LASER Hair Removal?

Many top celebrities and beauty bloggers like Suzanne Jackson, Kim Kardashian and Alyssa Milano all have laser hair removal.  I’ts an easy pain free method to rid your body of unwanted hair.  No more shaving, waxing or fuss – just hairless skin, easy to keep moisterised and tanned to your desired goals!

Great! So what do I do now?

Book your FREE consultation with Bernie’s Beauty Salon now and we will go through everything you need to know about laser and if it’s right for you!  Fill in the contact form below or phone:


(071) 915 3944



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