Medically Approved Laser Hair Removal Available for Both Men and Women


If you’re thinking about Laser Hair Removal – now is the time!

Get started now and before you know it you could have ditched the razor for good.

Laser hair removal has become very popular in Ireland and especially Sligo recent years. It eliminates the pain of waxing, and the regular hassle of shaving, and in the long run it works out cheaper.

However, if you’re opting for laser hair removal, you need to know more about the types of treatments being offered and the differences between them.laser hair removal legs

Many salons and beauty clinics offer IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments. These are technically not lasers at all. These are generally much lower powered machines, and therefore less effective.

What you need to look out for is a medical grade laser offering which is FDA approved, which means they’re proven to work. You’ll find this is the type of laser treatment offered at leading salons.

Each area is treated with a course of six sessions, and you can concentrate on one area or combine more than one. Bodily areas you can opt for treatment on include; hair removal of underarm, bikini line and legs, to name but a few.

So how does Laser Hair Removal Treatment work?

Well, the medical-grade laser emits wavelengths of light which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin). If the surrounding skin is relatively light compared to the colour of the hair, then the entire energy of the laser will be concentrated in the hair shaft, effectively destroying it without affecting the skin or follicle. This is why laser hair removal works best on light skin and dark coarse hair, which has the most pigment.

Bernies Beauty Salon  use only Medical Grade Lasers as opposed to IPL which means superior results, quicker treatment times and patient safety – and of course, much less hair!

Pay as you go at affordable price for example

Lip laser €35

Underarm laser  €50

Bikini line laser €55

Special offers available on all courses of 6 , Please call the salon for more details 0719153944 courses available.

Laser Vein Removal


What are thread veins and why do they develop?

Sometimes called spider veins, broken veins or telangiectasia, they appear as red or blue veins mainly on the face, legs or decolletage and, with time, all become more visible.  There is now a comfortable and successful treatment for removing veins with the Polaris laser system.

Some people are genetically prone to develop thread veins whereas others are more at risk from injuries or exposure to extreme temperatures. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or due to the contraceptive pill and HRT can also increase the likelihood of forming these veins.

Prices starting from €120

To speak with a beauty consultant specialist with over 10 years experience in laser hair removal contact: or phone: 0719153944